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Crystalmist Candy-Blossom

Brontti Blue Pasha

Cinderhill Cristal-Faye - muchkin and her kittens

Crystalmist Princess-Mia

Spreewood High Emotion and Crystalmist Candy-Blossom

Crystalmist Tia-Annabell

Crystalmist Sand-Storm

Foxy - Crystalmist Vanilla-Fox

Felesamor Bianc-Jade

Crystalmist Tishen-Tiger (BIS household pet at :- 2016 Eastern Counties)


Brontti Blue-Pasha

Crystalmist Autumn-Venus

Adzwolo Natasha-Rosie

Felesamor Bianca-Jade



Spreewood High Emotion

Lawclaws Clouded-Leopard - Soon to go back to showing

My wonderful Pasha

Crystalmist Lucy-Angelena - a quite girl

Rainbow Bridge:- Crystalmist Blue-D'Arcy - PTS 8th April 17           

My very pritty boy Darcy was PTS to stop further suffering - his nerves and muscles were being attacked by his own body and he was finding it difficult to breath. After a referral to 'Dick Whites' it was also decided to send him for post mortem at the RVC.  My heart is broken because he did not have a chance to live being only two and a half years old.  I don't understand why life is so cruel?

Rainbow Bridge:-                                                                                 Imperial Grand Champion, Kabenbe Champagne-Zoe PTS 19th August 2016 to prevent further pain.  The vets tried their best to save her but  Zoe developed a lump that stopped her from eating and drinking, a brave girl that left me with such lovely memories.  My darling Zo-Zo, I will see you again one day.

Rainbow Bridge :-                                                                                 Special girl 'Shakira' 01/08/08 - 01/03/16.                                          Shakira was a brave girl who endured a serious heart condition all of her life without complaint.  My lovely girl can now rest  after falling asleep for the last time in her basket. 

Rainbow Bridge:-                                                                                 Beloved Lacey (Crystalmist Amber-Lace) 17/07/09 - 21/09/15          was taken very suddenly from me.  Farther and son now together.

My little poppet Millie - Brontti Mellissa - never far from my thoughts, also waiting for at Rainbow Bridge.